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 Judai ...

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PostSubject: Judai ...   2008-05-28, 16:17

kat hi gai judai bhi kab yun hua ke mar gaye
Tere bhi din guzar gaye mere bhi din guzar gaye

Tu bhi kuch aur hai ham bhi kuch aur hain
Jaane wo tu kidhar gayaa jaane wo ham kidhar gaye

Raahon mein hi mile the ham raahein nasiib ban gayein
Tu bhi na apane ghar gaya ham bhii na apane ghar gaye

Wo bhi Gubaar-e-Khaak tha ham bhii Gubaar-e-Khaak thay
Wo bhi kahin bikhar gaya ham bhi kahin bikhar gaye

Koi kinaar-e-aab-e-juu baithaa huaa hai sar nigoon
Kashti kidhar chali gaye jaane kidhar bhanwar gaye

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Judai ...
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