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PostSubject: Romances   2008-06-06, 15:46

I am serenading your heart under the blessing of the moon
Please do not fade your sight on me
I've memorized the music of melancholy and life
Let the sun refuse to rise, let not morning arrive soon.
My source of heaven has always been you
Under deep and heavy waters I always clear my path
For every moment I take, all reasons have been truthful
There and from, my heart has spoken words that are true.
Go where houses are found safe and unbound
Then I'll start a search for this travel
Such love shall lead its ways over many things
Thus, where shall two promising hearts are to be found.
Half-past midnight when spirit brought on bizarre
Have a fine smile as you approach the scintillating stars
My steps may be fronted to leap on these kind grounds
And every walk maybe sighted on a place afar.
From there where we shall meet I endorse solitude of hearts
Made warm romance and forgotten the past
In sweet dilemma and crucial mistakes
May we always stride this way and never cross apart.
I planted faith into your heart and it bloomed well
Then I remembered the diffidence taking me from you
In places where our eyes would speak solemnly
But our hearts carried the lights beyond any spell.
Oh! My grace and gift
To you I preserve this indulgence
May it not be taken by time and space,
Thus, in this moment I shall want to take my presence to lift.
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