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 make up tips....for womens

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PostSubject: make up tips....for womens   2008-06-22, 20:24

Most women go through life with looks bordering on average, never realizing their true potential.
Then on the other hand there are those women who do take time out to apply make-up, but somehow they don?t reach their beauty peak. They just don?t get it right!
It may come as a surprise to know that you could look at least 40 percent better than you do, if you take the time, and make the effort.
Here are a few tips to get you looking your gorgeous best.

Apply foundation

Not only does foundation even out your skin tone making you look fresher, it also protects your skin from the heat, dust and pollution. Mix your foundation with a drop or two of water, or better still, apply it with a damp sponge, so doesn?t coat your face heavily. Foundation should be completely invisible.

Target lips or eyes, not both

There should be one area of focus on the face: lips, or eyes. Either apply a heavy eyeliner, or a dark lipstick, not both. Indian women usually have beautiful eyes, so make the most of them by lining them with kohl and layering on the eye shadow.

Apply mascara

Apply a quick coat of mascara to your upper and lower lashes. It opens up your eyes and makes them stand out some more.

Thread your brows

If you think you do not need to thread your eyebrows, think again. Clean, sharply defined brows really bring out your eyes, so if you have never threaded them, it is time you started. Keep a tweezer handy so you can clean them between threading sessions.

Stay away from bright colours during the day

Save those blood red and maroon lipsticks for after nightfall, and stick to pastels or neutral shades during the day. Light pinks and glosses look great in the day.
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make up tips....for womens
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