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 Quaities Of a Good Partner Husband/Wife

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PostSubject: Quaities Of a Good Partner Husband/Wife   2008-08-03, 14:45

Quaities Of a Good Partner Husband/Wife

A Good Partner

It’s hard to know the outcome of a relationship before you begin it. There is always hope for meeting a wonderful person to share yourself with, but there is always the possibility that person could turn out to be incompatible. Although you run this risk, it’s still worth trying to find love and there are things to look out that can help you find the right partner.

Are they honest in all aspects of their life – work, school, family, and friends? How do you feel about their honesty? Have they every lied to you or withheld information in a way that is also a lie?

Do they take responsibility for their actions? Do they have responsibilities that they always take care of?

Everyone communicates differently. Some people take longer to open up to each other, but at some point, both people need to be able to talk honestly to one another. Do you feel comfortable with your level of communication together? Are you both willing to apologize/admit when wrong?

Trust takes time to build up. After the initial “getting to know you” phase, do you trust them? Do they do things to make you question your trust to them? Do they trust you?

Do they listen when you speak? Do they take your opinions seriously? Do they accept your viewpoint as yours, even if they don’t necessarily agree with you?

Willingness to Share
Do they try to separate you from your friends and family? Do they want you to meet their friends and family? Do they include you in all aspects of life?

Do they support the work that you do? Do they encourage you to reach your goals? Do they allow you to be yourself? Is their criticism constructive?

Do they want to be affectionate, even when it’s not going to lead to having sex? Are you comfortable with the amount of attention you get from them? Do they seem to enjoy the attention you give them?

You may not have all these traits right now and you may not find a person that has all of these traits right now, but such traits can develop over time, if you both work at it. It is important to recognize your own faults and be open to making positive changes to be a better partner yourself. This article is not an attempt to tell you what type of partner is right for you – the questions are meant to help you determine what qualities in a mate are important to you. With these qualities in mind, you can better judge who may be compatible with you.
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Quaities Of a Good Partner Husband/Wife
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