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PostSubject: ~ *~ BROKEN FUTURE ~*~   2008-08-22, 17:09


So, what does one gain from falling in love?
When love never lasts, and I'm hurting again?
When I gave my all, and it felt so right
To have you be such a big part of my life.

Your gifts surround me, there were so many.
You said I was special and said you loved me.
We talked of our future, combining our lives.
I thought this was it, the right one at last.

Now our future is broken, I don't understand why,
How you could throw us away, after all that we've shared.
How can you say, "It's really not you,"
Then toss me aside, not a treasure at all.

The silence is deafening, the pain immense,
My heart is so empty, without you here.
If only you'd talk, help me understand how
You could say "I love you" one day, and the next say goodbye.

Memories of you constantly fill my thoughts
Hopes run strong that we'll be as before,
Before you walked away from the love that we had
And again talk of our future, together as one.

Yet for now I must suffer with a broken future,
An empty place in my life, that you once filled.
And the tears flow rampant, seemingly without end
Because I still love you, and I don't understand.

Now will I be able to love someone new?
Will my heart ever heal from losing you?
Will I be willing to risk trying love again?
Or will I stay lost in this broken future?


sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam

kaash duniya mein yeh "kaash" na hota ,
zindaa ho kar bhi main laash na hota............
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