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 Emptiness In My Heart

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PostSubject: Emptiness In My Heart   2008-11-16, 23:05

Emptiness In My Heart

I dreamed of you holding me in yours arms.
My dreams of you filled with bliss as
your eyes warmed my total being.

A night spent with you as we
rested on a moon beam, reaching out to
gather the brightest stars in the sky.

Morning comes only
to find another day without you.
We have gone our separate ways and
now you're only in my thoughts by
day and in my dreams by night.

Still longing for your embrace
and the kisses from your lips.
I wish to hold your hand once more
and feel the beating of your heart.

I deeply miss you, my sweet angel,
as our special memories
replay in my mind, as
suddenly a tear drop
falls from my broken heart.

"Love and desire are the spiritís wings to great deeds"
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Emptiness In My Heart
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